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How do I have my say?

This online Have Your Say forum will be available to post your comments and ideas up until mid-April 2019.

You can join the discussion on key projects in each of Hutt City’s six ward areas. Or use Share An Idea to contribute your suggestion.

If online is not your thing, there’s plenty of other ways to share your views with us. You can participate in our regular consultations, surveys, workshops, open days, or talk directly with our Council officers or elected members, as well as attend Council committee meetings.

Talking to your local Community Panel or Community Board is a great way to help our Council make the right decisions for your community.  Check out the ward profiles to read more about the work of these groups.

More information is available on our website:

How do I propose a project?

There are multiple ways to obtain funding for projects and to work with councillors, community boards, community panels and council officers. Read more in Share An Idea

Your request could be progressed for Council Committee consideration through your local Community Board or Community Panel.

Or read more on how you can work with us to propose larger-scale projects or initiatives on our website:

Annual Plan 2019/20

Why isn’t there a formal consultation process this year?

In 2014, a series of amendments were made to the Local Government Act 2002 to encourage new ways of consulting and communicating with the community. 
One of these amendments removed the requirement for councils to formally consult “if there are no significant or material differences to the content of the long-term plan”. This now makes formal consultation on proposed annual plans only necessary in certain circumstances.

An annual plan must still be prepared and adopted, and the rates struck, by Council resolution before 30 June and must include an overview of any minor changes in costs, along with all other information required under Part 2 of Schedule 10 of the Act.

If you’re not consulting – why are you asking for feedback? What’s the difference?

For Annual Plan 2019/20 we don’t have any ‘show-stopper’ areas for consultation – or areas that are significant or materially different from what we already consulted on in 2018. We’re asking for feedback because it is still very important that we check in with residents to make sure that the overall direction of the Long Term Plan aligns with community expectations.   

What’s the difference between formal consultation and engagement?

Consultation is a form of engagement and involves receiving public feedback on proposals. The Council regularly consults communities through processes such as the long-term plan which determine Council’s strategic direction, as well as how it sets budgets and prioritises projects. 

Council is required to consult on major decisions using the Special Consultative Procedure (Section 83 of the Act). Otherwise for most Council decisions we will consider people’s views and preferences, but there is no express requirement to consult the public. 
Engagement is a broader and ongoing process of sharing information with the community and seeking its feedback, with the purpose of involving the community in the decision making process. This may or may not include formal consultation. 

When is the next time I can make a formal submission?

Council intends to keep to the long term plan confirmed in 2018. If there are significant or material differences to our financial plans for 2020/21 we will carry out formal consultation on the annual plan at around this time next year. Formal submissions could then be made for Annual Plan 2020/21, including the public hearing process. 

We’re still asking for feedback on the projects and priorities for 2019/20 because it is very important that we check in with residents to make sure that the overall direction of the LTP aligns with community expectations. 
At any time of the year, you can share your input with your local ward councillor, your community board or community panel, as well as participate in this Have Your Say forum. 
If you want to speak to Council directly you could choose to attend a Council meeting and utilise the Public Comment section of the meeting to share your views. The Community Plan Committee on 8 May 2019 would be a good forum for this. If you're keen to address the CPC on 8 May, please get in touch with: 

I was planning to apply for funding through the 2019/20 Annual Plan, what do I do now?

The long-term plan is the best time to ask your Council for assistance, annual plans are more about letting the city know what the plans are for the year ahead. 
There are lots of other ways you can apply for funding. Take a look at our Community Funding page and see if there is anything that you or your group may be eligible for. 

Hutt City has dedicated experts who can give you advice about community projects and events.  When you're first developing your idea, it's best to make contact through the customer service centre. Give them a general feel for what your project is about, and they will probably refer you through to several of our teams, depending on the complexity of your ideas. Every project is different, so the Council will use an approach that suits your needs and plans.

What will my rates increases be for 2019/20?

For 2019/20, there will be an overall rate increase of 1.8% (excluding growth). Fuller information is available in Supporting Information   
Indicative rates increases for 2019/20 for all property categories are yet to be finalised. 
We calculate general rates based on the capital value of a property, together with the rates payable for water supply, wastewater and recycling services. More information on how we calculate rates is available on our website: How your rates are calculated and used

The expected overall rates revenue increase in 2019/20 of 1.8% is in line with Council’s financial strategy, which limits average general rates increases to no more than LGCI (Local Government Cost Index), and is within the debt limits set in the strategy. The 1.8% overall increase is the same as what was estimated for year 2 (2019/20) in Council’s current Long Term Plan. 

For residential ratepayers, rates increases are likely to be approximately 2.6% as we continue to shift some of the rates burden from commercial ratepayers to residential ratepayers, to best ensure that all ratepayer categories are charged fairly for the benefits they receive. An average residential property (CV of approximately $472,000), can expect a rates increase in 2019/20 of approximately $1.20 per week.

The 2019/20 Annual Plan will be prepared and adopted, and the rates struck, by Council resolution before 30 June. The plan will include an overview of any minor changes in costs, along with all other information required under Part 2 of Schedule 10 of the Act.

Why is there so much money being spent on infrastructure?

We are investing in our infrastructure. It underpins the quality of life we value – but it is often taken for granted. 
Infrastructure is the essential services that many of us don’t think about – like drinking water, protection against flooding; the safe disposal of wastewater and solid waste, as well as the roads and footpaths that make our journey from A to B smoother. 
Hutt City is facing a number of key challenges and opportunities for infrastructure. Our investment includes spending on new pipes, or replacing our existing ones. As well as the Cycleway and Shared Path projects that will provide safe commuting and recreational routes. All of this investment is focused on encouraging growth and rejuvenation across Lower Hutt. 

How are the major projects helping with traffic congestion?

Efficient transport links are essential to the safety of Hutt residents, and growing the economic and social resilience of our city. High levels of congestion on the Esplanade are stifling the potential growth, which is occurring in Lower Hutt generally, and the Petone area in particular. 
Our current annual plan includes $900,000 (nine-hundred thousand dollars) for the design and investigation stage of the Cross Valley Connections project. The project would develop an alternative east west connection across the Hutt Valley.

Hutt City Council funding

What are the major projects that Hutt City is investing in?

An exciting range of major projects are already underway across our city. We need to make sure we maintain the momentum of investing in things that will make Lower Hutt an outstanding city, while keeping rates increases affordable for our community. 
Hutt City Council has four major strategies that help to drive its investment decisions – infrastructure, urban growth, leisure and wellbeing, and environmental sustainability 
Our Long Term Plan 2018-28 was completed in June last year. Our major projects (half a million dollars and over) are profiled in Major Projects. The key projects that will make a difference in each of the six ward areas within Hutt City are presented in My Ward

How do I access Community Funding?

Our vision is for all residents, Hutt City is a great place, to live, work, and play.

Find out how Hutt City Council manages community funding, and specific information about our funds: