• Team member, Bruce Anderson
    Bruce Anderson
    Lead Member @ Transition Towns

    Bruce trained as a teacher but spent most of his career as an accountant and manager with the Audit Office.  He was Chief Executive of the public sector Leadership Development Centre from 2003 to 2009, and finished his paid career as a consultant in management and organisational reviews.  Over the last decade he has been increasingly involved in activist groups on environmental and climate-related issues, as is currently Secretary Treasurer for Transition Towns Lower Hutt, while also participating in other groups.  He lives in Naenae, and has two grown children and two grandchildren, all living in Lower Hutt.

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  • Team member, Juda Opira Bidong
    Juda Opira Bidong
    Lead Member @ African Luo Community

    I started working for Vector metering in 2016 as Data Services Administrator and now currently working as a Remote Services Administrator for Vector Advanced Metering Services. Before joining Vector, I worked in a variety of roles in the IT, Retail, warehouse industries to mention a few.  

    However, when not at work I love to spend time with family and friends, make friends, learn new things, play/watch soccer games, listen to music and take an active role in other community activities to drive social, cultural, technological and economical change to mention a few. I am currently the coordinator of the Luo community, member of the African council of Wellington and a member of the Hutt Multicultural council.

    Keep in touch with me on LinkedIn

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  • Team member, Josh Briggs
    Josh Briggs
    Lead Member @ Hutt City Councillor
  • Team member, Sórcha Carr
    Sórcha Carr
    Lead Member @ School Strikes for Climate NZ

    Dia Dhuit, I'm Sórcha Carr. I am a youth environmental activist, having started out with SS4C and XR. I am currently working full time in environmental retail and studying for a BA at Victoria University. My passion is social justice and philosophy, I am often found debating and plotting. Follow me on Instagram

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  • Team member, Virginia Horrocks
    Virginia Horrocks
    Lead Member @ Eastbourne Community

    A long time environmental campaigner, community organiser, teacher, farmer, parent and grandparent,  Ginny is one of the millions of grandparents working to  make sure we pass on a beautiful, healthy planet to future generations.

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  • Team member, Ken Laban
    Ken Laban
    Lead Member @ Pasifika Communities
  • Team member, Helen Oram
    Helen Oram
    Lead Member @ Hutt City Council
  • Team member, James Renwick
    James Renwick
    Lead Member @ Climate Change Commission/Victoria University

    James is a climate researcher who studies Southern Hemisphere climate variability, and the impacts of climate change on the Pacific, New Zealand and the Antarctic. He has been a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for many years, including the 6th Assessment Report to be published in 2021. James was awarded the Prime Minister’s 2018 prize for Science Communication, and was appointed to the New Zealand Climate Change Commission in 2019. Follow me on Twitter

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  • Team member, Te Karanga o Te Tui Marino
    Te Karanga o Te Tui Marino
    Lead Member @ Te Atiawa

    My name is Te Karanga O Te Tui Marino (or TK for short) and I am a representative of Wellington Tenths Trust and a member of Te Ātiawa. I have gained a passion for the environment during my travels around the world for the better part of three years and am very grateful to be a part of this kaupapa now that I am home. I believe having strong links to Māori principals can be a very useful tool in the fight for the climate and our futures. The only way we are going to achieve these ambitious goals is by working together and I am extremely confident that if anyone can do this, it's Te Awakairangi ki Tai / Lower Hutt.

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  • Team member, Kaz Yung
    Kaz Yung
    Lead Member @ Zero Carbon

    Karen (Kaz) Yung has been part of the Hutt Carbon Zero Network since it's formation, which came about from a number of groups being passionate and supportive of the School Strikes for Change Movement. The network is open to varying groups and individuals who are keen to see a Carbon-Free Te Awakairangi; working together to see a better city, now and well into the future.

    For more info:

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  • Team member, Helen Down
    Helen Down
    Lead Member (until June 2021) @ Former CEO Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce & Industry