Full installation of amended trial is delayed

Full installation of the amended trial layout in Knights Road has been delayed by the supply of materials coming from overseas. We now estimate the trial will be fully installed in mid May but we do not have an exact date yet.

What does the amended trial look like?

The amended trial provides a separated pathway on the south side of Knights Road, positioned between the footpath and the parking spaces, with a one-metre buffer between the pathway and parked cars. See the image above.

This layout came from feedback and data from the first trial and is similar to successful layouts in other cities around Aotearoa New Zealand.

The markings for the parking spaces, buffer zone, separated pathway and median area are already in place.
The materials that are held up in the port at Auckland are the 50mm raised kerbs which will be installed between the parking spaces and the buffer zone. The kerbs are designed to provide a physical indication of the protected space.

What does the delay mean?

Anyone parking beside the buffer zone should check that their vehicle is within the parking area and not taking up space in the buffer zone. Once the raised kerbs are in place, drivers will find it easier to know they’re correctly parked.

Cyclists and others on ‘faster wheels’ in the separated pathway need to be mindful that, until the raised kerbs are in place, there’s potential for the buffer zone to be incorrectly used by drivers.

The delay in the supply of materials also means that we will not start seeking community feedback until late May, when the trial has been fully in place for about a week. We will update you when we know the dates for the start of the online and printed surveys.

What is unaffected by the delay?

The trial layout at Waterloo Station intersection stays the same in this amended trial. Data from the first trial shows the layout has greatly improved safety for pedestrians at this intersection.

We are still investigating options for a trial layout better linking the Beltway to Waterloo Station. This work is unaffected by the delay of materials for the Knights Road trial.

What happens next?

Data and community feedback will be collected during May and early June, and then a decision will be made in June about whether the trial layout remains in place, is adapted or is removed.

The full report on community feedback and data collected from the first trial layout is available

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