July → September 2020

Initial engagement and co-design

  • Community engagement and co-design of initial trial design - Waterloo Station to Willoughby
  • Development of communication channels
  • Recruitment of community champions and project members
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan in place
October → December 2020

Design of trial layout. Collaborative creation of materials and art

  • Creating art and materials for initial trials alongside Hutt Intermediate and MIX art studio
  • Promoting upcoming trials
  • Filming with Waka Kotahi NZTA: 28-29 October 
  • Event planning for launch of trials
26 February 2021

Launch event for first trials

Official Trial Launch Friday 26th February at 1:00pm by Waterloo Station. 

This is a formal launch of this trial and will include short formalities, followed by moving down the new layout on your choice of bike, scooter, walking or other active mode and returning to the pop-up park at Birch St for light refreshments and feedback opportunities.

We would love to see you there! Please RSVP by emailing auahaevolvingspaces@huttcity.govt.nz

February → March 2021

Short term physical trials from Waterloo Station to Willoughby St

  • On-road 5 week trial of initial design on Knights Road between Waterloo Station and Willoughby Street
  • Community launch with Waka Kotahi and local residents Friday 26 September
  • Community engagement and feedback from all road users, alongside data collection and monitoring, are collected on how well the trial is working
20 May 2021

Pop-up display at Queensgate Mall

Talk to the team & give your feedback face-to-face at Queensgate Mall. Come talk to the team between 11am and 1pm, or 5pm and 9pm. Information will be at a station from 9am-9pm.

April → June 2021

Amended trial layout in place from Willoughby Street to Waterloo Station

  • Amended trial on Knights Road between Waterloo Station and Willoughby St, including the Waterloo Station Intersection
  • Investigation of options to  better connect Knights Road to the Beltway
  • Continuous monitoring, evaluation and adaptations