What is a Reserve Management Plan?

    A Reserve Management Plan, is a set of policies, rules, and regulations that identify the type of activities that can take place on a park. It can also establish a framework for proposed development. Management plans are required and regulated under the Reserves Act 1977.

    Why is a Management Plan important?

    A Reserve Management Plan guides the management and development of a reserve and is based on community guidance, legislation, and best practices. It is a way to include the community the way the reserve is managed.

    How is the park currently managed?

    Williams Park is currently managed under the Sportsground Reserves Management Plan. This is part of a set of management plans that guides how Hutt City Council manages reserves. 

    The Sportsground Reserves Management Plan applies to all sportsgrounds without an individual management plan.

    Because Williams Park has multiple uses, council officers proposed that it receives its own management plan. This was accepted by the Eastbourne Community Board and Council.

    Where is Williams Park?

    Williams Park is Days Bay, Eastbourne. 

    What is the history of the park?

    Williams Park was established in 1894 when J.H Williams, a Wellington ship-owner bought Days Bay from the Todd Family. 

    Williams originally developed it as a regional destination and commercial venture. Now it provides important recreation opportunities and open space. 

    Williams Park is named after W.R. Williams, mother of J.H. Williams, who made a generous donation to protect the park from becoming a residential subdivision in 1914.

    A report on Wellington Scenic Reserves - Day’s Bay by E. Phillips Turner published in the "Department of Land and Survey: Scenery-Preservation 1 June, 1914" notes that Williams Park was purchased by Mr. J.H. Williams 25 years earlier. 

    Williams highlighted the natural beauty of the reserve and its pristine flora noting that there was not another city in New Zealand with “a reserve like Day’s Bay Bush - a specimen of the forest almost the same as it was a thousand years ago.”

    How will you use my feedback?

    This first stage is your chance to share how you currently use the park, and any ideas you have on the future of the park.

    We'll then take your feedback and form a draft management plan. There will then be an opportunity for you to give your feedback on this draft plan before it is finalised.