Petone Library redevelopment

3 months ago
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As well as the projects included in our Annual Plan, Hutt City Council is exploring options for the Petone Library and Heritage Centre on Britannia Street. Money has been budgeted in the Annual Plan to refurbish the existing building, but we’re keen to take this opportunity to step back and consider the bigger picture.

We want to make sure the facility meets the current and future needs of the Petone community. We’re looking at several options which range from refurbishing the existing building, to replacing it with a multi-purpose facility which would meet the existing needs, and additionally could offer more community spaces and services.

We’re also considering options for housing as part of the facility, given the current shortage of housing in our city, and a redeveloped Civic area providing a better connection to Jackson Street.  You’ll see we’re also looking at housing as an option for the redevelopment of the Naenae Library site, once that’s relocated to the new Community Hub, for the same reason – an opportunity to provide much-needed safe and warm homes for current and future residents of Lower Hutt.

We’re keen to hear your ideas and thoughts, which can be contributed here until 14th April 2019. Additionally, you can visit the display at Petone Library and talk to staff there.

  1. What services and activities do you currently use in the Petone Community Library and Heritage Centre?

  2. What is the one thing you would like to change or improve in the current facility?

  3. What services and activities would you like to see in a new facility?

  4. How would you like a new facility to interact with the surrounding Petone civic areas?
We’re considering options for housing as part of the facility.
What do you think would be the benefits & opportunities of this?
What do you think would be the challenges?

  • Pippa. 3 months ago
    I am a member of the Wellngton Bluegrass Society and support their musical events.The community room has been a wonderful venue over many years and acoustically a very good sound. I would not like to see the facility changed unless it was made a little bigger to support growing membership. Status quo retained please, no new building. The building design has not dated over the years and remains a modern looking complex. The car park is important to keep and housing would put a greater demand on that. Also noise could be an issue if housing was introduced. Libraries should be a quiet space. This building has withstood earthquakes and fixing any repairs would surely be a cheaper option rather than a rebuild.It sounds as though the complex proposal is based on the Newtown Library which has apartments for social housing above it. More input should be given in consultation with the Petone community as this idea seems to be rather rushed so perhaps the time could be extended for further comment opportunity with the Hutt Council before any approval.
  • ngmnz 3 months ago
    I strongly support keeping the current library complex as it seems very fit for purpose to me. The library has a pleasant open and airy feel, the surroundings give a nice open and leafy village atmosphere to the area. IF it had not been so shamefully neglected over the years there would be little wrong with it. In particular the feet of the wooden pillars should not be left surrounded by soil and leaves to get wet and rot as they have been. IT's also noteworthy that the adjoining meeting room has wonderful acoustics and serves as a highly valued concert room for the whole Wellington area. Visiting artists frequently express their admiration for and appreciation of the space.In conjunction with the adjoining community house it serves the needs of Petone well so why spend a lot of money to muck around with it. If necessary an all hours public toilet block could be developed nearby.Whatever happens it is critical to maintain the parking space and not add extra housing to exacerbate the already bad traffic and parking situation, also destroying the open space feel of the area.
  • Rog 3 months ago
    For many years now, we having church worship times every Sunday in the morning at 10.20am, using the current meeting room, we would like to be able to continue this in the new construction building, like other users as well, We would like to have better access to more toilets because the number of both Female and Males numbers during this time, plus to cover for the new building development, we feel also that current parking available should be retained or increased for the new development, maybe under the new development because of shortage parking in Petone in general, Thanks for reading our thoughts and we look forward to hear some kind replies, have a great week :)
  • Localyokel 3 months ago
    I visit Petone Library nearly every week to borrow and return books. The library itself is a pleasant enough space and the staff are very friendly and helpful, but the building as a whole and its surroundings definitely need a total overhaul - there aren't enough public toilets and the roof leaks, amongst other things. I would like to see a new, bigger multi-purpose facility on the same location which could accommodate the library and heritage centre, plus other community spaces, but not housing. Please incorporate at least as much car parking as there is now, as carparks in Petone are already in short supply, especially for errands that take longer than 60 minutes. Incorporate some secure cycle parking too. I would also like to see an improved connection to Jackson Street, as the current alleyway is very grotty and unwelcoming. Attractive surrounding gardens and outdoor seating that don't become a haunt for vagrants would be a bonus.
  • grumpystumpy 3 months ago
    I visit Petone Library 2 or 3 times a week and agree that the building needs to be replaced with a bigger multi-purpose facility which includes the heritage centre and the library, with other community spaces, without any housing. It also needs additional disabled parking areas together more parking places dictated to library users only.
  • A 3 months ago
    We use the librbary as a source of great reading material for ourselves and our daughter. The team there have created and fostered a great atmosphere .. I think they do a fantastic job making everyone feel welcome and continually making small but valuable improvements.The building needs improvement and this ought to include better temperature control, and if possible more flexible spaces (movable partitions or similar?) so they can better balance the needs of users during the day and across days [community groups to meet, vs. students to study, vs. family space, etc.]. It would be good to see a small increase in floor area if this can be managed.This is a fantastic location, and very accessible to all. I do not support housing development within Council buildings and especially given the fast rising density already occurring in the area. If housing proceeds I would oppose any building over 2 stories total so as to mitigate the visual bulk of the building and balance any development with the scale of the area.I also see challenges developing housing here without damaging the access of the community particularly in terms of parking. I walk or cycle to the librbary but recognise the adjacent carpark serves many for the library and surrounding businesses. Thanks.
  • B Branch 4 months ago
    On behalf of Hutt City Grey Power (approx 500 members) I would like to comment that Petone Library meets our needs excellently as it currently is. Staff are unfailing helpful and pleasant. We meet at the facility regularly to do monthly newsletters and weekly memberships and the facility meets our requirements in every way. The only improvement that we would like to see is another 'break out' room provided as the one large room is frequently booked.We believe it is important to retain the large room in the foyer area as the acoustics are recognized as second to none and would be hard to replace.we are not in favour of building apartments on top regardless of the shortage of housing, as council facilities should be open and free to all citizens and putting housing on top would change the tenor of that requirement.Also, housing, whether rented or owned, could cause all sorts of unforeseen problems arising from shared public/private access-noise, trash etc etc.We are also in favour of the facility staying right where it is. It is central, has served the community suitably for decades and everyone knows where it is.Should the council wish to spend money on the facility, maybe larger computer facilities could be incorporated on another floor. Some computer facilities should be retained downstairs too for people with mobility issues (unless there is a lift).Larger areas for genealogy and studying would be important. Parking needs to be retained and if all requirements cannot be fitted into a 3 storey building then perhaps cover over part of the parking area, leaving parking underneath.
  • Trey 4 months ago
    Our young family regularly stop by the library and Petone Depot. We feel it is very much a part of our little community and we are lucky to have the humble and passionate people who run these spaces. This should be kept as a community hub. Council has consented enough apartment blocks on Jackson Street which do not suit the heritage aesthetic of Petone and we do not agree another should be erected.
  • Apteryx 4 months ago
    my family and I have used this library since its inception. Im about to retire and look forward to many years of browsing its shelves unhurried,unlike my usual dash in and out. I woud support the total replacement of the current site enlarging the heritage and genealogy sections but also providing areas for migrant resources of the major Petone ethnicities. Moreover I believe this should also be a hub for after school homework and technology resources and meeting rooms for a range of community needs. It could also be a language learning centre for both English (ESOL) and other languages with small night classes. However none of this could eventuate without much better and longer parking access especially for disabled. Housing should not be part of this complex as residents would capture the facilities and parking.
  • Petone3 4 months ago
    I use the library a lot - mainly for books and taking my children there for activitiesI think that the spaces for different types of users ( children, teens, elderly people, people who want quiet, people who are studying)could be improvedSame services - better buildingI think that the library should be easy to access and to be an interesting building - the plans for the proposed outside of the building look horrible.Community space and housing is a good idea
  • PeterMc 4 months ago
    By all means redevelop the existing site. Absloute must do if redeveloping. 1) create a 3 story building that might utilise almost all of the entire air space including the Peel St park.2) the new ground level to be entire 90minute car parking.3) 1st and 2nd floor for dedicated 2brm community leased accomodation.4) A 'priority project' is commenced for all current Petone Library resources to be digitised and available online. Actual physical resources to be fully catalogued and available to be viewed by request/appointment from an archive at the Lower Hutt Central Library.Regards, PeterMc
  • Mac 4 months ago
    I have only used the library and occassionally a meeting room. But a library space/hub should reflect the activities going on in the community, e.g. gatherings/meetings for a variey of groups and ages and cultures, communication spaces and research areas. Any new building MUST fit in with the heritage of the area and the one proposal I have seen does not do that, but rather dominates the street in an ultra-modern way. Being close to Jackson Street and public transport and the ease of parking is a huge plus for the current location. It is well understood that the area needs housing, but would not agree to it being part of the library complex.
  • Union3 4 months ago
    I currently use the library and also the meeting room on the ground floor from time to time. It is very easy to access, it is close to shops and cafes and has good parking both at the back and on the side. I would like to see more meeting rooms, want to make sure that we do not lose carparks with the changes to the building and want the building design to blend in with the character of the area. While housing for low-income families is important in the Hutt, I don't think that this should take over the objective of having a good community space that can be readily accessed and used for community activities.
  • Heef 4 months ago
    Any building design should be in keeping with the current architecture of Petone. One of the things that attracts people to visit, shop or eat in Petone is the outlook of the road and the uniqueness of it. Having seen some architectural drawings of the proposal to replace Petone library at the Petone Fair a few weeks ago, the proposed building was completely inconsistent with the look and feel of Petone. It was also a massive block which would dominate that area of town.I certainly don't support that.