Specific design features for Mahina and York Bay, and Whiorau Reserve

Beach access points

Two types of coastal access stairs have been developed for the design of Tupua Horo Nuku (‘mini steps’ and ‘standard steps’), and some bays will feature ramps to access beach areas. York Bay and Mahina Bay feature a combination of ‘mini steps’ and ramps. Mini steps have been selected as we are retaining and upgrading the ramps which currently exist within these bays. The landings, which are a key feature of the standard steps, will be incorporated as part of the ramps.

Bus stops

An important consideration has been the design of the bus stops within the Eastern Bays. They have been designed so that the shared path passes behind the bus shelter, meaning people moving along the shared path, and people getting on and off buses are safely separated. We have selected their locations based on an assessment that balances safety features and encroachment into the marine environment.

We have heard feedback from the community that existing bus shelters are valued. Our designs for York Bay and Mahina Bay propose to retain these shelters, though their locations will be changed. Please refer to the draft design plans for specific locations.

Planting and seating areas

The designs for York and Mahina Bays, and Whiorau Reserve include a number of planting and seating areas, incorporated within existing headlands, or within the new shared path near bus stops and beach access points.


We are including parallel parking at the centre and southern end of Mahina Bay, as has been requested previously by of members of the community. Parking is retained in Whiorau Reserve. Please refer to the draft design plans for specific locations. There will be a buffer between the line marking of the car park and the edge of the shared path, which will provide space to minimise any risk to cyclists and pedestrians from doors swinging open.

If you have thoughts on any or all of these features, you can let us know.

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Consultation has concluded and we will now review your feedback.

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