Community invited to salvage a piece of Naenae Pool history

The demolition of the old Naenae Olympic Pool is soon to get underway, and Hutt City Council is inviting the community to own a piece of local history.

As the Naenae Pool rebuild and redevelopment of the town centre gets underway, the project team is aiming to reuse and recycle as much of the old pool and community hall as possible.

People who are interested in seeing the final list of salvaged items can express an interest by e-mailing:

Potential salvage list for Naenae Pool and Community Hall



Entrance Porch on the east side of the building and the details: the modernist style timber eaves, supported by slender columns/posts (a mid-century modern feature).

All solid wood and ledged doors and their operation mechanisms

All panelled and glazed doors and their operation mechanisms

Solid wood skirting along the floors

Solid wood floor of the ‘auditorium’

Clerestory windows and their operation mechanisms in the ‘auditorium’

The entire solid wood ‘stage’ with the floor, staircase, and railings

The ‘stage’ historic wooden false ceiling (with openable wooden panels to suspend props/lights) with the metal clasps.

Windows in the entire building with their operation mechanism

Electrical fixtures from the mid-century in the ‘auditorium’

Nosing on the entrance staircase


Metal grilles and grates around the building plinth

Roof gutters around the building

Door handles, bolts, and latches


Historic Wall heater

Power room /board

Wooden benches (seen outside)

Mid-century chairs (at least 3 seen)

Rimu bearers, joists and supports for auditorium floor

Wall spots from Auditorium


Windows and their operation mechanism

Glass fixed in various windows

Glass blocks used in fixed lights

Cast in situ concrete Diving Platform

Aluminium windows in the pool area

Aluminium fixed windows along the pool wall

Light fixtures along the pool wall windows

White glazed tiles along the pool walls

Ledged braced-battened doors

Brickwork where exposed

Nosing on the concrete stairs

Tiles along the edges of the pool

Door handles, bolts, and latches

Wooden benches


Historical Signage ‘Naenae Olympic Pool’

Historic Plaques

Time Clock Punch Card holders

Soda & Alum Mixer Bins

Historic Safety/Warning Posters

Main pool circulation pumps


Wood from seats around Learner's Pool

Wood from seats in Changing rooms

Glulam beams from both pool buildings

Hydro slide and poles

Pirate ship

Starter blocks to Main Pool


Q. Will everything on the list be available for the public.

A. While all of these items have been identified as worth salvaging, it’s likely not all of them will be able to be removed from the pool in a useable or safe state. We will also hold on to some of the items for re-use in the new pool. However we will make as much as possible available to the public.

Q. If more than one group is interested in items, how will you decide who gets them?

A. If more than one group is interested in items we will initially give preference to community and not for profit groups, particularly those in Naenae, and if needed we will hold a ballot.

Q. When will the items be available?

We’ll let anyone who expresses an interest know when things become available.

Q. Will there be a cost?

Some large items that are going to other projects may be charged for, but there will be no charge for items going to community or not for profit groups and members of the community.

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