Naenae Pool and Fitness

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Consultation has closed.

Feedback closes - nearly 400 individual submissions

A big thank you to all those who submitted feedback on draft plans and design for the new Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre.

Submissions are currently being reviewed. A summary of the feedback will be available soon.

To view the draft design click here.

Feedback closes - nearly 400 individual submissions

A big thank you to all those who submitted feedback on draft plans and design for the new Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre.

Submissions are currently being reviewed. A summary of the feedback will be available soon.

To view the draft design click here.

Consultation has closed.

  • Naenae Community Hall Salvage update

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    Demolition of the Naenae Community Hall is underway as preparation for the building of the new Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre continues. Hutt City Council and the demolition team at McMahon Services are focused on diverting as much construction material as possible from landfill.

    Throughout the demolition of the pool building more than 80% of construction waste has been saved from going to landfill by either reusing or salvaging materials. As the Community Hall comes down the focus again is on diverting as much material as possible away from landfill.

    Our team has been in conversation with community groups such as the Naenae Men’s shed to repurpose some of the material and the remainder will be made available on a specific date to those who registered an interest some months ago. Given the high level of interest from the first salvage round from the Olympic Pool, our Council will not be calling for further interest at this stage.

    To ensure the safety of the demolition team and the public, and to support the work to happen with minimal disruption we ask that people do not approach the site until the date is confirmed.

    Those who have registered their interest in items from the hall will be notified when they are able to review and collect items.

  • Wesley Rātā Village – rehoming Naenae Pool salvage items

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    Wesley Rātā Village is already putting some of the items saved from Naenae Pool to good use within the recently opened Kererū House. This new shared space for community organisations including Mamaku Midwives, Trade School Industries, the Community Gardening Group, and local artists is an exciting place for groups and those with shared interests to gather, share ideas and learn new skills.

    Emily Innes, Community Innovation worker at Wesley Community Action said it is great the Council has gone to the trouble of finding new homes for the items from the old Naenae Pool before demolition started.

    “It has been wonderful to have been given so many items we would normally have had to go out and buy,” says Emily.

    “It means so much to us to be able to share these with our local community. The local connection to Naenae Pool, the fact they have been pre-loved, adds meaning to having them live on as part of the activities we deliver to local residents.”

    “We’ve already used things like the trestle tables, chairs and signs which were really helpful with our open day as part of the Kererū House community opening. We are really looking forward to being able to use the items in a variety of ways, like running movie nights, play groups and so much more.”

    Mayor Campbell Barry says this gives meaning to putting the community at the heart of the project. “With the Naenae pool rebuild we said we were going to do things differently. Keeping the community at the centre of this project has led to cool initiatives such as this one, where instead of letting pre-loved items go to waste, we’re able to find new uses for them in our community”, says Mayor Barry.

    Andrea Blackshaw, Director of Neighbourhoods and Communities says, “As we work toward building the new facility, we are focused on sustainability and conscious of reusing and recycling as much as possible. Our aim is to keep as much as 80% of the materials away from landfill. Seeing some of the items from the old pool go on to be reused and rehomed within the Naenae Community is a great outcome.”

    “We’re really happy to know some of those items will go on to have a new life within our community and want to thank Emily and the team at Wesley Rātā Village for enabling these items to continue to serve local residents.”

    Background on Wesley Rātā Village

    Wesley Rātā Village (formerly Wesleyhaven Village) was opened almost 70 years ago as a retirement village on 150 acres, donated to Methodist organisation, Wesley Church Trust (now Wesley Community Action) in 1949, by former mayor, Mr W.T. Strand.

    An innovative approach when first built in 1953 – it was one of the first retirement villages in New Zealand with a hospital, rest home and villas. In 2017 the Strand rest home and hospital wing were closed. Three years later 25 new homes, including a small number of family four-bedroom homes, were completed, adding to the 30 villas already onsite. This social housing is now full and offers homes for more than 80 people of all ages. Other buildings such as a small hall and the newly reopened Kereru House are available for community use.

    Interested locals and community groups can contact Emily

  • Construction company appointed

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    Hutt City Council has engaged one of New Zealand’s leading pool builders for the rebuild of Naenae Pool.

    Apollo Projects has been selected to work with Council to turn the concept designs into detailed plans. These plans will then form part of the tender process for the full construction work.

    Apollo will provide expert advice to make sure the facility is innovative, well-designed, safe, and meets the needs of users of the new pool.

    “Apollo Projects has significant experience in pool projects, and I’m pleased we have been able to engage them as part of the rebuild of Naenae Pool,” says Andrea Blackshaw, Director of Neighbourhoods and Communities.

    “As part of our commitment to making sure the Naenae community sees the economic benefits of this build, Apollo will aim for 80 per cent of the work on this project to go to local businesses. They’ll also be paid the living wage at a minimum, in line with our recent Living Wage accreditation.”

    “This is another big step towards returning a pool to Naenae, so that people in the Hutt and across the region can again enjoy the use of an Olympic size pool facility.

    Apollo Projects is currently directing several other projects funded by the NZ Government via Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP). This involves working with local companies in communities across the country, and this also includes the delivery of another pool project.

  • Out with the old - make way for the new

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    Demolition work is now underway at Naenae pool, paving the way for construction to begin on the hotly anticipated new facility.

    The pool has long been considered the “beating heart” of Naenae by locals, and draft concept plans for the $68 million replacement are being reviewed by the community to ensure it fits with their vision and aspirations for their neighbourhood. The draft designs draw on local cultural heritage and align with Council’s wider sustainable, environmental, wellbeing, and leisure goals.

    Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry visited the site and the 32-tonne demolition machine that will bring down the 65-year-old pool and fitness suite.

    “The community and former pool users will be as pleased as I am to see work get underway. With the draft design plans out for feedback it now feels like this project has real momentum,” said Campbell Barry.

    “I know it may be sad for some to see the old building come down. But this work marks the start of an exciting and significant milestone towards creating our new Naenae Pool.”

    Contractors have removed as much internal material as possible and Hutt City Council’s project team will be working with all those who have indicated they would like something as a keepsake or to recycle for their own requirements.

    The demolition will begin at the centre of the building and bring down the roof before demolishing the concrete exterior. The project will repurpose up to 80% of existing materials to save it going to landfill.

    Demolition is scheduled to continue until early 2022.

  • Stage one of demolition starts

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    supporting image

    The first stage of demolition on Naenae Pool and Fitness suite has begun!

    With the appointment of Lower Hutt based demolition contractor McMahon Services NZ work to salvage items of interest ahead of the demolition of the old building is underway.

    The requests for a memento or item from the pool to repurpose attracted more than 150 responses and we are working through those at the moment.

    Mayor Campbell Barry says he is excited to see good progress and work forging ahead. You can watch his final walk through the pool building ahead of demo starting here.

  • Demolition contractors appointed

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    The start of demolition of the earthquake prone Naenae Olympic Pool and Fitness suite is imminent with the appointment of a demolition contractor and quantity surveyor.

    Lower Hutt based demolition contractor McMahon Services NZ has been appointed to take down the 65 year old Naenae Olympic Pool building to make way for the new centre, and quantity surveyors Barnes, Beagley, Doherr have also been appointed to manage construction production and costs across the life of the project.

    Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry says that demolition is due to begin when we are in Alert Level 3.

    “The appointment of contractors means we are close to seeing major work happening on site, with demolition occurring as soon as strict lockdown restrictions are lifted. This gives us and the community confidence that the project is progressing, and sticking to the timeline of having a new pool built by 2024,” says Campbell Barry.

    “While the old facility carries a lot of fond memories for all of us, I’m certainly excited to take a step towards getting shovels in the ground.”

    Demolition of the current pool and community hall will begin with the removal of materials that have the potential for recycling or reusing within the new building. Full demolition and site preparation is expected to be complete by early next year.

    A blessing and community event will be held in Hillary Court to farewell the current pool when Lower Hutt when restrictions on gathering are lifted.

  • Community invited to salvage a piece of Naenae Pool history

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    supporting image

    The demolition of the old Naenae Olympic Pool is soon to get underway, and Hutt City Council is inviting the community to own a piece of local history.

    As the Naenae Pool rebuild and redevelopment of the town centre gets underway, the project team is aiming to reuse and recycle as much of the old pool and community hall as possible.

    People who are interested in seeing the final list of salvaged items can express an interest by e-mailing:

    Potential salvage list for Naenae Pool and Community Hall



    Entrance Porch on the east side of the building and the details: the modernist style timber eaves, supported by slender columns/posts (a mid-century modern feature).

    All solid wood and ledged doors and their operation mechanisms

    All panelled and glazed doors and their operation mechanisms

    Solid wood skirting along the floors

    Solid wood floor of the ‘auditorium’

    Clerestory windows and their operation mechanisms in the ‘auditorium’

    The entire solid wood ‘stage’ with the floor, staircase, and railings

    The ‘stage’ historic wooden false ceiling (with openable wooden panels to suspend props/lights) with the metal clasps.

    Windows in the entire building with their operation mechanism

    Electrical fixtures from the mid-century in the ‘auditorium’

    Nosing on the entrance staircase


    Metal grilles and grates around the building plinth

    Roof gutters around the building

    Door handles, bolts, and latches


    Historic Wall heater

    Power room /board

    Wooden benches (seen outside)

    Mid-century chairs (at least 3 seen)

    Rimu bearers, joists and supports for auditorium floor

    Wall spots from Auditorium


    Windows and their operation mechanism

    Glass fixed in various windows

    Glass blocks used in fixed lights

    Cast in situ concrete Diving Platform

    Aluminium windows in the pool area

    Aluminium fixed windows along the pool wall

    Light fixtures along the pool wall windows

    White glazed tiles along the pool walls

    Ledged braced-battened doors

    Brickwork where exposed

    Nosing on the concrete stairs

    Tiles along the edges of the pool

    Door handles, bolts, and latches

    Wooden benches


    Historical Signage ‘Naenae Olympic Pool’

    Historic Plaques

    Time Clock Punch Card holders

    Soda & Alum Mixer Bins

    Historic Safety/Warning Posters

    Main pool circulation pumps


    Wood from seats around Learner's Pool

    Wood from seats in Changing rooms

    Glulam beams from both pool buildings

    Hydro slide and poles

    Pirate ship

    Starter blocks to Main Pool


    Q. Will everything on the list be available for the public.

    A. While all of these items have been identified as worth salvaging, it’s likely not all of them will be able to be removed from the pool in a useable or safe state. We will also hold on to some of the items for re-use in the new pool. However we will make as much as possible available to the public.

    Q. If more than one group is interested in items, how will you decide who gets them?

    A. If more than one group is interested in items we will initially give preference to community and not for profit groups, particularly those in Naenae, and if needed we will hold a ballot.

    Q. When will the items be available?

    We’ll let anyone who expresses an interest know when things become available.

    Q. Will there be a cost?

    Some large items that are going to other projects may be charged for, but there will be no charge for items going to community or not for profit groups and members of the community.

  • Call for local business interest

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    supporting image

    Local businesses are being encouraged to express interest in being part of the Naenae Pool build.

    Building a new pool in Naenae will not only deliver a new community asset but also provide opportunities for local people and businesses.

    Local businesses can register an expression of interest and will then be alerted when an opportunity comes up through the duration of the project. Council will outline the specific services and products needed at each step of the build but are also interested in any sort of service or product people think could be included.

    This is a once in a generation investment for Naenae, and encouraging businesses to get in touch with us to be part of the project is about maximising every dollar we spend to get as much local impact as possible.

    Council is also working with local iwi, the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, and tertiary providers to ensure the Naenae rebuild provides as much of a boost to the local economy as it possibly can.

    Businesses can register their interest here

  • Hear the latest on Whakatupu Ngaengae

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  • Whakatupu Ngaengae Newsletter

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    For updates on the latest about the Naenae Pool and Fitness suite and the Spatial Plan read the latest Whakatupu Ngaengae newsletter here